Well. It's not official, but it seems this is the way Pacific University does things. They have you pay almost $100.00 for a cap, gown, tassel, and hood, never mind the $20.00 red thing hanging from my neck (I don't even know the name of it-anyone?) then they sit you in a two hour ceremony, give you a bottle of water, march you across the stage, toss a hood on you (which is kinda funky) then have the nerve to give you an EMPTY diploma holder. Then they schedule a class the following monday??? Are you kidding??

Ok, despite how bizarre that sounds, I actually had a great time. Two work samples to go, and a reflection. Stay tuned for the Grad Party in early June!

Mahalo Ke Akua


King Herod 's tomb found

This is cool on many levels. First of all, it's always neat to find old things, I mean REALLY old things, particularly those that have not been seen since they were buried and have been for centuries. I equate it to finding GOLD or DIAMONDS. Secondly, Israel is a hotbed of historical and achaeological digs, and people routinely find ridiculously neat artifacts, which are Priceless. Thirdly, It validates what the Bible claims through the uncovering of TANGIBLE historical evidence.



I'm so stoked on how God is just hookin it up! Check this out all yall. Braddah J just scored a new pad. I will be house sitting indefinitely. This thing is sick. There are 10 acres in the back yard, No close neighbors, and it's gonna be unreal come BBQ time. If I really owned this property, I'd be set for life. The owners are considering selling since their father just died, but that might be two years from now. So, in the meantime...Who's ready to roll?



I have a new hobby. Kitesurfing. Last night, I picked up two used kites and a bar and lines from a friend of a friend. I have a slight problem...no board to ride on. Looks like I'll be picking up a blank in the next few weeks and start mowing some foam. We'll be rolling out with 11.o and a 13.5 meter 5-line kites. They are last years models, so they are equipped with many new safety features. I'm stoked. Better learn how to fly'em.