What to say about the pursuit of JOY?



Yesterday, I awoke to 2 inches of pristine white fluff. This meant 1) I didn't have to go to student teaching at Tigard High School, and 2) There was a snowman to be made with Titus. We started rolling, and within 20 minutes we had a snowball that was far to big to lift. It was actually too large for many grown men...I'd guess it was in the vicinity of 600lbs. We rolled it to the front yard (barely), and began making the other parts of the snowman. Completion took about 2.5 hours. This snowman pictured is approx. 9.5 ft. tall, and it comes fully equipped wearing a blue colored stocking cap with matching bluish gloves, and is accessorized with coal eyes, teeth, and buttons. It also is sporting a zucchini nose, handmade wool scarf, and maple arms. It was a good way to spend a few hours.

Since building this BEAST, we have been amazed at the numbers of people it has drawn. For hours on end we have sat by the front window and watched as people park outside the house, exit their cars, and take pictures with their children. 85% of visitors use camera phones. Though a photographer from the Forest Grove News Times did indeed stop by, take many pictures while we were constructing it, and scribble down our names. Even in the evening hours we can see flashes inside the house from both people walking and driving by. I'll keep you posted for further developments.

What the heck...Why doesn't anyone make snowmen anymore?


Justin's NEW YEARS Jowl


While in Sunriver over the break. I was able to cook my favorite snack ever!!!
A Palatable treat!


Matt: here's the infamous picture

Notice: The Stone Face Killa. hahaha. classic