Work Tonight

Gotta work in 5 minutes. Work consists of an hour, every Tuesday evening. I know, it's a stretch, but it's about all we can handle for now. Last week some of my fellow employees had an interesting discussion on evolution and the origin of life. Many of them claim that evolution is "provable", so tonight we might not go there, if you know what I'm sayin'. Pacific is a place where post modernists rule. It's pretty much a free for all. It's always fun, and always keeping you on your toes. More later.


Victor Wooten & Matt Small

Matt Small, Spreading the Butter with Victor Wooten


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yeah baby.

More Butter!

This has been an interesting week. So far so good, but the chaos, ahhh. You gotta basque in it sometimes...and that's the way I'm feeling. School is dragging on, at a crawling rate and it seems it'll never finish. Been talking about checking out Seminaries, seeing what's out there and what to do. Do I really wanna teach for my entire career? Has God called me to something greater? Not that teaching isn't great, naw mean? What to do???

On a lighter note, this is Joel Mulkey. Joel is learning to love to spread the butter. This was from the innovative Evangelism Conference. Joel routinely takes mediocre sound systems and trasforms them to amazing ones. Job well done Joel. Also pictured is Matt, getting ready to grind some early thanksgiving dinner at the conference. Way to go Matt.


Sitting in class...ahhhhhhhhhh

In class this morning, ah, I've pretty much checked out for the day already, there's all kinds of things that need to be done, and school and more homework is towards the bottom of the list. Whadduhyoudo in a situation like this? On to other things.....June Come Fast!!!

There's no band practice this week, Paul and his family are heading to North Carolina to do something...I think he's tried to explain it a few times, but many things with Paul start and stay in the realm of the ABSTRACT. I get a kick out of him trying to articulate (in words) the sounds he wants to hear in the band. We'll be practicing, and words like "hollow", "open", and "you know what I'm sayin'" are frequently used, but rearely understood.

Paul: "Jon, what I'm hearing is something a little more ringy and open."
Jon: "Ok, so what do you want me to do?"
Paul: "Leave it a little more open."
Jon: "OK, got it" (not really)
Paul: "Do you know what I'm sayin?"
Jon: "Kind of, but not really"
Paul: "Just do some of the stuff you were doing before, but let it hang a little"
Jon: "alright, I'll hang a little in the verse??? Then hammer it in the chorus?"
Paul: "Totally"
Jon: "OK"

It's this kind of dialogue that makes it so fun!!

It's comic relief, I love it!

Tuesday, instead of practice, Matt and I will be heading to Changs!!!

And by the way...............
What do the following words have in common?


Ahhh, more food on the mind!


Getting started again....

After a long delay, and a little peer pressure, We're giving the blog another try... The last one died, actually it's still going, but I can't remember the login or the password. I guess that's what to be expected. New computer, no new posts in over 6 months...go figure. Who's gonna keep me accountable on this one? Shoots!