More Butter!

This has been an interesting week. So far so good, but the chaos, ahhh. You gotta basque in it sometimes...and that's the way I'm feeling. School is dragging on, at a crawling rate and it seems it'll never finish. Been talking about checking out Seminaries, seeing what's out there and what to do. Do I really wanna teach for my entire career? Has God called me to something greater? Not that teaching isn't great, naw mean? What to do???

On a lighter note, this is Joel Mulkey. Joel is learning to love to spread the butter. This was from the innovative Evangelism Conference. Joel routinely takes mediocre sound systems and trasforms them to amazing ones. Job well done Joel. Also pictured is Matt, getting ready to grind some early thanksgiving dinner at the conference. Way to go Matt.

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Matt said...

Hahahaha, I'm loving this blog, Jonny. I especially love the fact that the labels for this post are "Free food" and "Butter". That is about the coolest thing I have ever seen.