Good Friday

In a recent e-mail from my old friend, he reminded me of something significant.

While I was busy getting the kids off to school,
Jesus was busy staggering his cross to Calvary.

While I was busy at the store buying my bitter herbs,
Jesus was busy being nailed to the cross.

While I was busy choosing the Caddish wine,
Jesus was rejecting the wine with gall.

While I went through my busy day - doing both good and evil -
Jesus hung on the cross and took it all.

While the kids were packing up there school supplies,
Jesus was commending his Mother to John.

While I was busy picking up the kids, Jesus was busy dieing.

While I went about preparing our Seder Dinner,
Joseph of Arimathea was negotiating for Jesus' body.

While our family celebrated our simple Seder dinner,
Joseph and Nicodemius buried Jesus in the tomb.

While I was busy washing the dishes the authorities were busy sealing His tomb.

It was a very busy day.

May the Lord bless you and keep you and yours during this sacred season, and may his countenance rest upon you for all to see,

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