Malawi Africa 2007

It's official. We have tickets, and we are going! I'm stoked on the trip for many reasons, here are a few...

1.) God has called us to Go to the nations.....
2.) I've had a desire to go to Africa since I was little.
3.) I feel called to the mission field in some way and hope to refine this calling.
4.) We will be working on a building project to help the local people with several microenterprises and a start-up internet cafe.
5.) We will be training teachers new and effective ways of reaching children in education.
6.) We get to spend time in Kruger National Wildlife Park
7.) C'mon, it's Africa
8.) There are many others

Here's what I'm not excited about...

1.) Getting all my immunizations, but will do so regardless.

Please check out this video I put together that details the upcoming trip.

Thanks for reading, Jon


Brian said...

So cool.

Go and have a great time.

Terry said...

have fun man. remember that video i posted on blog of the musk ox vs lions vs alligators? well that was shot in kreuger national wildlife park! make sure to watch your back.