So far.......DRIVING.

Tim and I have driven and driven and driven. It has been nuts.

Our journey through Baja was......lets see.....DRY. There are more cactus there than we ever care to see again. We drove 5 1/2 hours through a nutty mountain pass in the dark. It was about 50 miles, and took us all that time. We got a good bump on the bottom of the truck, and blew out a shock (the front right) but everything else is smooth. I will return to one place in Baja....Scorpion Bay, a perfect point break with a sandy bottom and perfect waves. They were about waist high, but I rode a few waves more than a quarter of a mile. It was nuts. By far the longest I´ve ever surfed continually. Scorpion Bay was full of American tourist surfers, so it wasn´t really the place that we were looking to throw down and camp.

We travelled south from there. Through La Paz, passing up Cabo San Lucas, and taking a 6 hour ferry ride with the truck to Topolombampo. From there, we drive along the coastal route through Mazatlan, Peurto Vallarta, Manzanillo, Zihuatanejo, today we arrived in Acapulco. We are hoping to to go south into central america, but have yet to hear from our insurance company.

So far we have been camping in the mountains, on the beach, sweating day and night (yeah, it´s that kind of heat), sleeping in the back of the truck, and cooking on the tailgate. We´ve taken hundreds of photos but are unable to post any at this internet stop...our first of the journey. We actually got a hotel two nights ago. We needed a warm shower, if you know what I mean. There was also some sort of tropical storm that dumped rain all night and tore down all kinds of electrical poles and signs, and tore off some roofs. Perfect night for a hotel.

We both wish a need more time to fully explore this land, but we are trying to get to some smaller towns along the coast to squat for a day or two at a time, plug in, hook some bruthas up, and dig out.

We are unsure what is ahead, but are pumped to be where we are, and are both thoroughly enjoying the trip.

We have been totally provided for, have not encountered bad cops, federales, or people trying to take advantage of us, and feel God has had his hand of protection on us this whole time!!


Wesly Smith said...

Thanks for the update. Stay cool.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful adventure. Praying for you both. Acapulco sounds like a great place to stay a while and relax.

Star Worz said...

you guys are almost there! can't wait to see pictures. MISS YOU TONS!!! :D