Crossing the Border

Man. Toady was nuts. After spending the last couple of days touring around Guatemala we decide to head south, scratch that....East. We have a hard time going too far south at this point. We really saw a couple of cool cities over the last few days. Santiago Atitlan, on Lake Atitlan was nuts. Mayans everywhere. The total cultural experience. Then last night we were in Antigua. Nuts too. I don´t really know how to explain Antigua. You may just want to google it or wiki it. That might do it more justice. Antigua had too many tourist though, so we bolted for El Salvador.

Today´s border crossing was enough to make me want to pull my hair out. Here are a few of the reasons.

1. the people speak ONLY spanish.
2. I try and speak only spanish.
3. Somehow my three spanish teachers forgot to teach border crossing vocabulary.
4. There are a ton of locals that try and help you cross the border...and they all want tips.
5. You have to beat them off like flys.
6. We have a truck, and that means lots of paper pushing
7. They wont do any of the photocopies for you, so you have to find a place to get photocopies.
8. Most offices have a photocopy machine, but they wont do it.
9. Tim is trying to get me to ask more questions.

This is enough to drive any man to drink...need I say more.

We crossed after an hour an a half and have found our way to La Liberdad, a small surfing town that we thought was going to blow up with waves. We find ourselves without good surf, but the prospects of linking with some locals remains very high. We are totally liking the flavor of El Salvador and are looking to stick around for a while.

Sweaty, but having fun still. The adventure continues.


Dave Ketah said...

Bro, it is great to follow your adventure! I'm praying for you guys every day!

Star Worz said...

You mean out of all the inventions, toys & tools you put on that truck, you forgot to include a photocopy machine??? that's just poor planning.

miss ya mucho! :D