I have a new hobby. Kitesurfing. Last night, I picked up two used kites and a bar and lines from a friend of a friend. I have a slight problem...no board to ride on. Looks like I'll be picking up a blank in the next few weeks and start mowing some foam. We'll be rolling out with 11.o and a 13.5 meter 5-line kites. They are last years models, so they are equipped with many new safety features. I'm stoked. Better learn how to fly'em.


Troy said...

What did they run ya? I have thought many times, in the absence of a boat, about picking up a good kite to go with my wakeboard. Nothing like the price of some wind power!

Jon said...

I got two, used with bar and lines. I picked up a seat harness yesterday so now I just gotta go, maybe practice alittle first! I think you can get a good used kite (last years model) for around 200.00. Plus a few bucks for bar and lines. the wakeboard would be rad. How big is it (cm's)??

Troy said...

141. I figure since I'm not exactly on the lighter side, I need something that can float me pretty well, and at 141, it does that and more. It can be a bit cumbersome to manuever sometimes, but it's pretty light and with the right fins, it's a pretty sweet ride.

I'm going to have to look into some kites here soon. I'll let you know what pans out, eh?

Jon said...

Sickness. I just borrowed my buddies trainer kite, for some windy days on the farm, getting used to steering it.

I'm going to shape a board or two for kite surfing. They will probably be in the 140-160 cm range but be alittle bit thicker than your typical wakeboard, which I think is more of a current trend. Keep me posted. I have two kites, so you could always borrow and we could head out. That means you just gotta find bar and lines and harness. Looking forward to this!

Brian said...

I. Want. To. Do. This.

We must talk.