Awoke this morning with just enough time to get out of bed, brush my teeth, and swig a smoothie, before heading down to the wharf to head out and fish for the day.

The water was sheet glass the entire time we were on the water, a rarity for Moloka’i, as the wind is usually blowing 10-20 mph, and the winter swells make it a little rough. It was calm a creamy all day long. We had trolled down the south shore of the Island for about an hour,

and I was listening to a story about the fish that had been caught in this particular location…meanwhile, a 100 pound Marlin was busy chomping at one of our lures.

Yeahyeah! I grabbed the reel and started reeling, before Stephanie was able to get seated, and ready to fight the fish herself. It was going to be a hard fight, as the reel was slipping on the pole…it was a two-man ordeal after that! The fish was on, the reel was smoking, and we were stoked once again! The stoke only lasted about 5 minutes though, after the thing jumped out of the water, ran further, and finally took advantage of a little slack in the line. Soo, it was pretty fun while it lasted, and we were happy to see some fish action,

but…it would have been rad to actually land da bugga! So, after 4 more hours of trolling for nothing, we headed back to the wharf. The rest of the evening was spent hanging with old friends, eating, and laughing.

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