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The last three days are all a haze as I look back on them. It’s vacation right? I’ve neglected posting anything due to lack of time, and lack of internet availability here on the island, yeah they’ve got it, but it’s mostly dial-up. I often think of my “hi-tech” friends and how they would struggle with dial-up. It continues to be variable winds, which is great for surfing (wind=BAD, unless it’s offshore). Wednesday eve is prayer meeting at Calvary, followed by a potluck, so I scored again.

Here’s a small centipede -

The cultural significance of food is very noticeable over here. When I taught at Moloka’i Christian Academy I would often be shocked at how students of all ages were taught to share their food as there was need. For instance, I was sitting at the lunch table with many of the students one day and a student did not have a meal. The other students responded by offering portions of their lunch. It’s not just a pre-school or even a high school thing, it’s ingrained in most of these students and they take joy in knowing they can provide for others who may or may not have. Sharing food is like sharing a part of their heart. Here are some of last nights people at the table.

Angela, Candace, Megan, Teva, Nicci, and the Pou boys….Taoatua, Hoarai, Pi’itoa, and Nohoari’i, (sons of Nicci and Teva – they are Tahitian.) We were even able to meet up with Atoa, a former Moloka'i Wrestler.

We’ve dawn patrolled a few times since last writing. Yesterday I drove up to Kalae to pick up Clint (the Moloka’i wrestler who got hosed in the state finals) and we paddled out at Kawela at about 5:55am to score some waist high rights. He had to be at school by 8:00, so time was limited, but we had a great time nonetheless, and he was only a few minutes late. I would seriously be in trouble if I grew up here and knew how to surf. There would be patches of absences on my record due to the surf pumping.

The last two days I’ve been helping Teva with a bit of remodeling at Auntie Gloria’s place. My hamstrings are sore from working on the floor, but I’ve got a little extra scrod to work with. I was also able to stop by All God’s Children Pre-school and help out for a few hours just playing with the kids. It’s hilarious to hang with little kids like this (three and four years old) and hear them talk Pidgin Hawaiian, total slang for these little guys. Here’s a few examples; “Uncle Jon, you when get da stuffs?” And “Uncle Jon, can push me next?” And I’ll never forget…
Me – “What’s your name”
Kid – “Braddah Nick”
Me – “What?”
Kid – “Braddah Nick”
Me – “Braddah Nick???”
Kid – “Yeah”
Me – “hahahahahahaha

In the few hours I hung out with them, there seemed to be and endless line of kids waiting for me to push them on the swings. There were a few criers, but for the most part, they were happy to wait in line and snag a turn when they could. A few were so stoked, they stopped and threw up da shaka (hang-loose sign).

The pre-school is on the same grounds as the Christian Academy, so I was able to see the improvements they’ve made to the school

and even take a seat in my old classroom.

Another trip to the beach to teach Stephanie how to surf….She ended up riding this one all the way to shore, jumped off, and cut up here knee. She was done after that.

A developing story : Since I arrived on Moloka’i my left bottom wisdom tooth has started hurting, toothaches are BAD!! I finally cracked yesterday due to the fact that it was not getting better despite the unhealthy amounts of hot saltwater I was gargling. A 5 minute seat in the community health center dentist’s chair revealed that I have a hideously infected wisdom tooth that NEEDS to come out, all the while, the infection has spread down into my neck, this would explain why it has been increasingly harder to swallow and chew. I got some antibiotics, plus a bunch of codeine, the latter I haven’t had to use yet. The pain has subsided a lot.

It many regards, I’m looking forward to coming home. I’m stoked out on Ethnos and the potential there is for the body to grow in size and depth. I’m also a little bit guilty of being gone for so long considering school and other commitments I’ve made. On the down side…There are a friends and family here that I dream of seeing more often.

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Hahahaha, you should feel guilty! We need to get some recording done!

Glad things went well on the trip.